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Nuclear explained  

U.S. nuclear statistics

Data as of the end of 2021 except where noted and preliminary where noted.

World nuclear statistics

Data for 2020.

Total world nuclear electricity generation 2,638 billion kWh
Nuclear percentage share of total world electricty generation 10.3%
Number of countries with nuclear power reactors 33
Top five nuclear electricity generating countries Total annual nuclear electricity generation in billion kilowatthours (BkWh) Nuclear share of total national annual electricity generation
United States 789.88 BkWh 19.5%
France 379.50 BkWh 68.5%
China 366.30 BkWh 4.8%
Russia 215.75 BkWh 21.0%
South Korea 152.33 BkWh 27.7%
  Share of total world nuclear electricity generation
United States 29.9%
France 14.4%
China 13.9%
Russia 8.2%
South Korea 5.9%

Last updated: July 12, 2022.