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Domestic Uranium Production Report - Annual

With Data for 2016  |  Release Date: May 24, 2017  |  Next Release Date: May 2018
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Table 10. Uranium reserve estimates at the end of 2015 and 2016
million pounds U3O8
  End of 2015 End of 2016
  Forward Cost2
Uranium Reserve Estimates1 by Mine and Property Status, Mining Method, and State(s) $0 to $30 per pound $0 to $50 per pound $0 to $100 per pound $0 to $30 per pound $0 to $50 per pound $0 to $100 per pound
Properties with Exploration Completed, Exploration Continuing, and Only Assessment Work 24.3 W 151.6 24.3 W 136.9
Properties Under Development for Production and Development Drilling W 38.2 W W W W
Mines in Production W 16.4 W 17.1 W W
Mines Closed Temporarily, Closed Permanently, and Mined Out W W 135.2 W 28.4 W
Total 66.2 165.8 361.8 59.9 159.5 339.2
In-Situ Leach Mining W W 148.6 W 115.3 W
Underground and Open Pit Mining W W 213.2 W 44.2 W
Total 66.2 165.8 361.8 59.9 159.5 339.2
Arizona, New Mexico and Utah 0 W 212.0 0 W 209.6
Colorado, Nebraska and Texas W 39.2 44.3 W 39.2 W
Wyoming W W 105.6 W W W
Total 66.2 165.8 361.8 59.9 159.5 339.2

W = Data withheld to avoid disclosure of individual company data.
1Reserve estimates on 70 mines and properties for end of 2015 and on 68 mines and properties for end of 2016. These uranium reserve estimates cannot be compared with the much larger historical data set of uranium reserves that were published in the July 2010 report U.S. Uranium Reserves Estimates at http://www.eia.gov/cneaf/nuclear/page/reserves/ures.html. Reserves, as reported here, do not necessarily imply compliance with U.S. or Canadian government definitions for purposes of investment disclosure.
2 Forward Cost: The operating and capital costs still to be incurred in the production of uranium from in-place reserves. By using forward costing, estimates for reserves for ore deposits in differing geological settings and status of development can be aggregated and reported for selected cost categories. Included are costs for labor, materials, power and fuel, royalties, payroll taxes, insurance, and applicable general and administrative costs. Excluded from forward cost estimates are prior expenditures, if any, incurred for property acquisition, exploration, mine development, and mill construction, as well as income taxes, profit, and the cost of money. Forward costs are neither the full costs of production nor the market price at which the uranium, when produced, might be sold.
Note: Totals may not equal sum of components because of independent rounding.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration: Form EIA-851A, "Domestic Uranium Production Report" (2013-16).