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What are Ccf, Mcf, Btu, and therms? How do I convert natural gas prices in dollars per Ccf or Mcf to dollars per Btu or therm?

C—equals one hundred (100)
Ccf—equals the volume of 100 cubic feet (cf) of natural gas
M—equals one thousand (1,000)
MM—equals one million (1,000,000)
Mcf—equals the volume of 1,000 cubic feet (cf) of natural gas
MMBtu—equals 1,000,000 British thermal units (Btu)  (One Btu is the heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.)
Therm—One therm equals 100,000 Btu, or 0.10 MMBtu

In 2015, the average heat content of natural gas for the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors was about 1,032 Btu per cf; one Ccf = 103,200 Btu or 1.032 therms; one Mcf = 1.032 MMBtu or 10.32 therms.

You can convert prices from one basis to another:
$ per Ccf divided by 1.032 = $ per therm
$ per therm multiplied by 1.032 = $ per Ccf
$ per Mcf divided by 1.032 = $ per MMBtu
$ per Mcf divided by 10.32 = $ per therm
$ per MMBtu multiplied by 1.032 = $ per Mcf
$ per therm multiplied by 10.32 = $ per Mcf

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Last updated: April 6, 2016

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