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Natural Gas Processing Plants in the United States: 2010 Update

Release Date:  Jun 17, 2011

Regional Analysis



  • The State of Alaska had the third-largest processing capacity, trailing only Texas and Louisiana. While much of the natural gas processed in Alaska does not enter any transmission system and is instead re-injected into reservoirs, its processing capability is nonetheless significant.
  • At 9.5 Bcf per day of processing capacity, the State of Alaska accounted for about 12 percent of total U.S. capacity. 
  • As of 2009, there were a total of 4 plants in the State, with the largest one reporting a capacity of 8.5 Bcf per day. Average plant size of 2.4 Bcf per day far exceeded any other State, with Illinois noting the next largest average plant size of 1.1 Bcf per day.
  • In addition to the significant processing total capacity, plants in Alaska reported a very high utilization rate for 2009. On average, the four plants in the State operated at 90.6 percent of their total capacity. Two of the four plants in Alaska operated at 100 percent of their capacity.
  • Unlike the data for some of the States in the lower 48, the Btu values for processing plants in Alaska did not show a wide range. Overall, the average Btu content for the plants in Alaska was 985 Btu per Mcf.