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International Energy Outlook 2019

Release date: September 24, 2019   |  Next release date: October 2020  |   Full report

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Side Case Projection Tables (2018–2050)

International Energy Outlook cases High oil price Low oil price High economic growth Low economic growth
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Table A1. World total primary energy consumption by region
Table A2. World total energy consumption by region and fuel
Table A3. World gross domestic product (GDP) by region expressed in purchasing power parity
Table A4. World gross domestic product (GDP) by region expressed in market exchange rates
Table A5. World liquids consumption by region
Table A6. World natural gas consumption by region
Table A7. World coal consumption by region
Table A8. World nuclear energy consumption by region (net nuclear electricity generation)
Table A9. World consumption of hydroelectricity and other renewable energy by region
Table A10. World carbon dioxide emissions by region
Table A11. World carbon dioxide emissions from liquids use by region
Table A12. World carbon dioxide emissions from natural gas use by region
Table A13. World carbon dioxide emissions from coal use by region
Table A14. World population by region
Table G1. World petroleum and other liquids production    
Table G2. World crude oil production by region and country    
Table G3. World other liquid fuels production