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Coal explained  

Coal statistics

Data for the United States and for 2021, except where noted.

Production 577,431 thousand short tons
Imports 5,388 thousand short tons
Exports 85,115 thousand short tons
Consumption 545,685 thousand short tons
Coal consumption by end-use sector  
Electric power sector 501,427 thousand short tons
Industrial (other than coke plants) 25,859 thousand short tons
Coke plants 17,589 thousand short tons
Commercial 811 thousand short tons
Consumption for electricity generation by all sectors 500,592 thousand short tons (92% of total U.S. coal consumption)
Coal share of utility-scale electricity generating capacity 18%
Coal share of utility-scale electricity generation 22%
Top five coal-consuming states by electric power sector  
Texas 61,762 thousand short tons
Missouri 33,810 thousand short tons
Indiana 27,728 thousand short tons
Illinois 25,661 thousand short tons
West Virginia 24,250 thousand short tons
Year-end coal stocks (total) 118,126 thousand short tons
Average sales price (nominal) $36.45 per short ton
Average delivered price (nominal)
Electric power $37.32 per short ton
Coke plants $122.37 per short ton
Other industrial plants $57.89 per short ton
Largest producing state Wyoming—238,773 thousand short tons
Share of U.S. total produced in Western region 57%
Share of U.S. total produced from surface mining 62%
Demonstrated reserve base 471 billion short tons (as of January 1, 2022)
Largest producing coal mine North Antelope Rochelle Mine/Peabody Powder River Mining LLC
62,799,005 short tons, 11% of total U.S. production
Top producing company Peabody Energy Corporation
105,383,000 short tons, 18% of total U.S. production
Average number of coal mining industry employees during the year 39,518
2021 6.71 tons/miner-hour
1978 1.77 tons/miner-hour
World coal production 8,907,744,000 (8.91 billion) short tons
World coal consumption 8,575,128,000 (8.58 billion) short tons

Last updated: November 22, 2022 with most recent data available at the time of update.