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Residential Energy Consumption Survey (RECS)

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1993 Data Quality

Figure 2.1. Sources of Information for the RECS System
Source Information provided (preferred source) Household type Fallback source
Household survey Housing-unit and household energy-related characteristics All housing-units  
Supplier survey Housing-unit consumption and expenditures by fuel type Households that pay supplier directly for one or more delivered fuels Household survey
Rental agent survey Main fuel source for space and water heating, cooking, air-conditioning Households in multi-unit structures with one or more fuels included in rent  
NOAA Weather data for station close to each sample housing-unit All housing-units  
Census Bureau 1. Data for formulation fo sample data.
2. Household estimates for benchmarking RECS estimates
Source: Energy Information Administration, Consumption and Expenditures (February 1993)

For those who may be unfamiliar with the nature and principal features of the Residential Energy Consumption Survey, this Data Quality presents some background information. There is a general overview of RECS, its objectives, and the timing of the periodic surveys. Another section describes the design and methodology of the 1993 RECS. The final section identifies significant changes as the survey design and procedures evolved from the initial survey (known as NIECS, the National Interim Energy Consumption Survey) in 1978 through the 1993 RECS.


  1. Introduction (file size 215,612 bytes) pages 11.
      Purpose and Scope of This Report
      Sources of Information About Data Quality
      Relation of This Report to Other RECS Publications
      Structure of the Report
  2. An Overview of RECS (file size 75,720 bytes) pages 18.
      A General Overview of RECS
      Overview of the 1993 RECS Design and Procedures
      Evolution of the RECS Design: 1978-1993
  3. Coverage(file size 51,687 bytes) pages 11.
      RECS Target Populations
      Frame Development and Sample Selection Procedures
      Evaluation of Coverage Based on External Data Sources
  4. Nonresponse(file size 99,150 bytes) pages 22.
      Nonresponse in the Household Survey
      Nonresponse in the Rental Agent Summary
      Nonresponse in the Supplier Survey
  5. Measurement Error(file size 112,311 bytes) pages 24.
      Special Data Collection Procedures
      Comparisons of Individual Household Data from Alternate Sources
      Questionnaire and Interviewer Effects on Measurement Error
  6. Data Processing and Imputation(file size 117,369 bytes) pages 26.
      Data Processing Other than Imputation
  7. Estimation and Sampling Error(file size 120,965 bytes) pages 25.
      Sample Weighting Procedures
      End-Use Estimation
      Sampling Errors
  8. Comparisons of RECS Estimates with Other Data(file size 78,356 bytes) pages 17.
      Comparisons of RECS and Supplier Survey Estimates of Consumption
      Comparisons of RECS Data on Housing Unit and Household Characteristics with Data from Other Sources
  9. Summary(file size 88,496 bytes) pages 18.
      Principal Sources of Error
      Current Research and Potential Design Changes
      Some Suggestions for Data Users
Appendices(file size 47,730 bytes) pages 12.
    A. References
    B. Related EIA Publications on Energy Consumption

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