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Annual Energy Review

Important notes about the data

  • Note:  The emphasis of the Annual Energy Review (AER) is on long-term trends. Analysts may wish to use the data in this report in conjunction with EIA's monthly releases that offer updates to the most recent years' data. In particular, see the Monthly Energy Review for statistics that include updates to many of the annual series in this report.

  • Data Years Displayed:  For tables beginning in 1949, some early years (usually 1951-1954, 1956-1959, 1961-1964, 1966-1969, and 1971-1974) are not shown on the tables in the printed report or the PDF formats; however, all years of data are shown in the Excel formats and the HTML formats.

  • Comprehensive Changes: Most AER 2011 tables and figures carry a new year of data (usually 2011), which are often preliminary and likely to be revised next year, and revisions to much of the 2010 data, which are now final in many cases.

  • Total Energy Experts

  • Changes to the AER

    • Tables with grayed-out numbers go to the MER (the most recent data). The remaining tables still go to the AER 2011 (data through 2011). In some cases the table numbering of the AER differs from that of the MER.

    • Explanatory notes for the most recent AER can be found in archived AER 2011 (data year dropdown above). MER notes and sources are linked at the bottom of the interactive tables.