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Estimated domestic crude oil production in EIA’s Weekly Petroleum Status Report (WPSR)

January 29, 2018


EIA’s propane market indicators and measures of supply adequacy

January 10, 2018


Forecasting U.S. Crude Oil Production

November 16, 2017


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New wind and solar power projects tend to come online at the end of the year

onshore wind and solar photovoltaic capacity additions
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Preliminary Monthly Electric Generator Inventory
Note: Only utility-scale projects (those greater than one megawatt and connected to the grid) are measured.

New electricity generating capacity is brought online throughout the year, but December has historically been the most significant month for both onshore wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity additions in the United States. Over the past nine years (2010–2018), 43% of all onshore wind capacity and 33% of all solar PV capacity have been added in December. U.S. wind and solar capacities receive a production tax credit (PTC) and an investment tax credit (ITC), respectively, which may provide incentives to come online at the end of the year.

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