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International Energy Outlook 2018

Release date: July 24, 2018   |  Next release date: September 2019  |   Executive Summary

International Energy Outlook 2017 WEPS+ Source Code and Input Files

The World Energy Projection System Plus (WEPS+) has been developed primarily for use by the modelers at the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) who understand its structure and programming. As a result, WEPS+ is only used by a few organizations outside of EIA. Most people who have requested WEPS+ in the past have found out that it was too difficult or rigid to use. However, many obtain the model simply to use the data in its input files or to examine the source code. EIA is the developer of WEPS+, so most of what constitutes WEPS+ is in the public domain (and no licenses are required), but WEPS+ does contain some proprietary components that are outside the public domain but can be licensed.

More detailed documentation of WEPS+ is available at the EIA website.

An archive of WEPS+ as used for the International Energy Outlook 2017 (IEO2017) is available, on an as-is basis, on our web site. This archive is stored in a zip file. The purpose of the archive is to demonstrate that the published results from IEO2017 can be replicated with the model and to disclose the source code and inputs used.

If desired, files for the proprietary Oxford Economics macroeconomic model will be sent separately once arrangements for licensing the model are made with Oxford Economics. Contact Vipin Arora (vipin.arora@eia.gov) of the Macroeconomic Analysis team for details.

The WEPS+ archive is designed for use as a 64-bit python 2.7 application with Microsoft Windows. It requires additional python libraries.



Recompiling the fortran libraries requires the f2py library and mingw64.
Technical questions about the WEPS+ archive can be directed the EIA information center InfoCtr@eia.gov.

Link to the model: http://www.eia.gov/outlooks/ieo/IEO2017_public.zip