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Decarbonization Workshop: Technology and Policy
Overview and Agenda

April 27, 2021

The topics of deep decarbonization and achieving net-zero economy-wide emissions have become increasingly prominent in energy expert circles. This workshop brought together experts to discuss potential decarbonization pathways and policies within the United States, and how these are, or could be, modeled in the National Energy Modeling System (NEMS). In the first part of the workshop, we discussed policy options aimed at decreasing greenhouse gas emissions; in the second part, we focused on decarbonization technologies; and in the third part, we joined these two topics in a merged discussion.

Section Description Presentation Duration
  • EIA’s mission
  • Policy neutrality
  • Objective analysis for policymakers
  5 minutes
  • Modeling Energy-related CO2 Mitigation Pathways in the National Energy Modeling System: Workshop Overview
10 minutes
Policy     70 minutes
  • Introduction—Policies represented in NEMS
10 minutes
  • GHG Reduction Policies
    • John Larsen, Rhodium Group
    • Lesley Jantarasami, Bipartisan Policy Center
30 minutes
  • Policy roundtable discussion
30 minutes
Break     20 minutes
Technology     70 minutes
  • Introduction—Technologies represented in NEMS
10 minutes
  • Technologies for decarbonization
30 minutes
  • Technology roundtable discussion
30 minutes
Merged discussion
  • Summary roundtable discussion with all participants
  30 minutes