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Data for July 2017  |  Release Date: September 26, 2017  |  Next Release: October 24, 2017 
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Revisions made to the July 2017 Electric Power Monthly:

July 31, 2017

Table 6.1, Electric Generating Summer Capacity Changes (MW), April 2017 to May 2017, is now included in this version, it was not available at the time of the original posting on July 25, 2017.

Additionally, this version corrects an overstatement of future wind capacity in Table 6.5.

It also contains an update of the power plant frame used to estimate May 2017 generation and fuel consumption.  This update results in a 0.2% reduction in natural gas consumption for electricity, and smaller changes (between 0.01 and 0.02%) in some other estimates including net generation from natural gas, hydroelectric power, wind, utility-scale and small-scale solar, wood, and other biomass.

Tables that are revised are the following: Tables ES.1.A; ES.1.B; 1.1; 1.1.A; 1.2.A; 1.2.B; 1.2.C; 1.2.D; 1.3.A; 1.3.B; 1.4.A; 1.4.B; 1.5.A; 1.5.B; 1.7.A; 1.7.B; 1.10.A; 1.10.B; 1.11.A; 1.11.B; 1.14.A; 1.14.B; 1.15.A; 1.15.B; 1.17.A; 1.17.B; 2.2.B; 2.2.C; 2.4.A; 2.4.B; 2.4.C; 2.5.A; 2.5.B; 2.5.C; 2.7.A; 2.7.B; 2.7.C; 2.8.A; 2.8.B; 2.9.A; 2.11.A; 2.11.B; 2.12.A; 2.12.B; 2.14.A; 2.14.B; 3.2; 4.4 Continued; 4.5; 4.5 Continued; 6.1; 6.1.A; 6.1.B; 6.2.A; 6.2.B; 6.2.C; 6.3; 6.5; 6.6; 6.7.A; 6.7.B; A.1.A; A.1.B; A.2.A; A.2.B; A.3.A; A.3.B; A.4.A; A.4.A continued; A.4.B; A.4.B continued; A.5.A; A.5.A continued; A.5.B; and A.5.B continued.