Historic Form EIA-423 & FERC-423 Detailed Data

Beginning in 2008, data on monthly deliveries of fossil fuels to both utility and nonutility generating facilities are collected on Schedule 2 of the newer Form EIA-923 -- See EIA-923 detailed data Schedule 2.

Survey form EIA-423 collected monthly nonutility fuel receipts and fuel quality files on plants with a fossil-fueled nameplate generating capacity of 50 or more megawatts.

Detailed data are provided here on monthly deliveries of fossil fuels to nonutility generating facilities are included at the specific energy source, quantity of fuel delivered, the Btu content, sulfur content, ash content, coal mine state and county (or country) of origin, coal mine type (surface/underground), as well as the supplier of the fuel. Fuel cost data collected on this survey is not be made available to the public because it is protected.

Files are compressed (zip) Excel format. File sizes > 8mb

Survey form FERC-423 collected monthly utility fuel receipts and fuel quality data prior to 2008.

Data files include information on type of fuel purchase, fuel cost, fuel type, fuel origin, fuel quantity and fuel quality.

The .zip files contain:

  • (2) Excel files
    • CORDANT.xls
    • F423YYYY.xls
  • ASCII text file
    • F423FILE.txt

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