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Energy Training

NOTE: The following information is included on this web page as a service to organizations offering energy training and to persons interested in learning about energy training opportunities. A listing on this web page should not be considered an endorsement by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Training Centers (listed alphabetically)

  • Abraham Lincoln University Power Generation Management:
    Earn your MBA Online in Power Generation Management. In addition to the business principles and practices in a traditional MBA, the curriculum in this program provides 1) A strong, detailed overview as to management requirements in a Power Generation environment and 2) Management and leadership strategies unique to the business of Power Generation. Abraham Lincoln University online degree programs now use live interactive delivery technology and with sessions recorded for later viewing students have more opportunities than ever. This exciting technology permits voice-to-voice and face-to-face interaction between students and faculty. The interactive class sessions provide students with a multifaceted experience to learn new skills and gain insights. The immediate feedback from experienced faculty allows students to deepen their understanding. The eight-week courses are designed to meet the adult learner's need for flexibility. Located in Los Angeles, ALU began in 1996 as one of California's first distance education law schools. Today ALU is a student-centered online university providing flexible, affordable and high quality undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates and diploma programs. Visit us online at www.alu.edu or call ALU at 1-866-558-0999.
  • Apogee Interactive, Inc. provides on-line courses for the electric and gas industry. They offer a wide variety of courses focusing on educating the energy employee in the areas of Customer Service, Energy Management, Residential and Account Managers and Field Operations. The courses meet the needs for training of new employees, meeting OSHA and Electrical Training requirements as well as refresher courses for veterans of the industry. Since the courses are offered on-line, the student can learn at their own pace and in their own environment. Companies may add courses to their Learning Management Systems with customized portals. Block purchasing of courses easily accommodated. For more information visit their eLearning portal as http://www.study-center.com/ or contact Theresa Lavoie at tlavoie@apogee.net or 800.322.9934
  • Bismarck State College (BSC) National Energy Center of Excellence offers online and classroom training for the energy industry. Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees can be earned, or courses can simply be taken for professional development and training. Classes are available in Electric Power Technology (distribution), Electrical Transmission Systems Technology (system operations), Power Plant (fossil generation), Process (refining, gasification, ethanol, biodiesel), Nuclear Power and Renewable Generation (wind, solar, tidal, hydro, biomass) Technologies. In addition, a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Energy Management is available entirely online. The classes are offered in a convenient block-style format, giving students the opportunity to complete a class in 3-6 weeks. The National Energy Center of Excellence is also known for their non-credit offerings such as apprenticeship programs, customized training and NERC CEH courses. For more information please visit our website at www.bismarckstate.edu/energy or contact Mike Myers at 701.224.2594 or Michael.M.Myers@bsc.nodak.edu.
  • Center for Energy Economics at the University of Texas at Austin is an interdisciplinary research center that conducts strategic critical thinking and analytical research on the economics of the energy value chains and educates stakeholders to improve public policy and investment for economic development. CEE provides training programs on energy economics, energy value chain investment and associated frameworks. The CEE engages in professional training activities through both custom programs and ongoing offerings.  For more information, please visit www.beg.utexas.edu/energyecon/new-era or contact us 713-654-5400 or energyecon@beg.utexas.edu
  • Christensen Associates offer training seminars at large to the retail and wholesale energy industry at conference centers located around the world or at clients' on-site facilities. Insights and techniques gained at these sessions have helped utilities develop market strategies such as PBR plans, market management - both financial and physical such as transmission planning and pricing - and retail and wholesale pricing strategies. Visit Christensen Associates' website at http://www.lrca.com/.
  • Clear Future Consulting offers expertise in teaching applied econometric analysis and forecasting. We have developed curriculum that encourages hands-on learning throughout our courses. After finishing our training, you will be able to implement econometric techniques directly to your data. We specialize in EViews and R training. For more information, please visit clearfutureconsulting.com or contact us at +1-720-943-0878
  • CWC School for Energy provides premium training courses for international energy industry executives and government officials. Our success and distinguished reputation is thanks to our commitment to provide first-class programmes to our clients. Combining leading professionals from across the industry as lecturers and an interactive, practical format, the lessons learnt in a CWC School for Energy courses are directly transferable back to the workplace. For more information visit our website www.cwcschool.com or contact Alia Fakim on +44 20 7089 0085 or afakim@thecwcgroup.com.
  • Electric Power Training Center
    Located in Golden Colorado, the EPTC offers various classes in power system operations - for both technical and non-technical students. One-of-a-kind, full size simulators of generation and substation control stations offer students opportunities to enhance their understanding of electrical theory with hands-on problem solving exercises. Visit www.eptc.wapa.gov/ for current information on facility, class description, schedules, online registration and payment information. Toll free telephone 800-867-2617.
  • Electric Utility Consultants, Inc (EUCI) is a Colorado Corporation formed in 1988. The firm promotes knowledge and expertise in the fields of Electrical Energy, Energy Resources, Energy Regulation, and Electric Industry Competitive Issues through Professional Conferences, Courses, Seminars, and Workshops. GSA Contract number: GS02F0039X. Visit their Web site at http://www.euci.com/
  • Enerdata provides training programs in energy markets, energy modeling, energy accounting and carbon management. Our training sessions are available for open registration, as well as corporate workshops & customized classes. For more information and our complete program(session) schedule, please visit our website: http://www.training.enerdata.net/
  • Enerdynamics' training and education programs are focused on including all employees in your organization's marketing efforts. They provide an overview of the national energy marketplace or design a custom education program so that your employees understand the specific challenges facing them. By incorporating lecture with interactive exercises, students participate in building their own educational experience. The lectures, materials, and hands-on exercises are blended so that comprehension can be tracked at all times. For more details, visit their Web site at http://www.enerdynamics.com/
  • Energy Intelligence, has brought together years of knowledge and experience to offer you a tailor-made training program. You are invited to choose from a list of 50 tutorial topics that directly address the immediate questions that you have about the energy industry. For a complete listing of our tutorial topics and the biographies of our lecturers, please visit: http://www.energyintel.com/eir_executive.asp. Alternatively, you can email Nasri Atallah, Training Coordinator, at mailto:vfotuhi@energyintel.com with your direct queries.
  • The Energy Management Institute provides higher learning for energy professionals. The institute's education programs focus on downstream petroleum, alternative fuels, and natural gas and power. They offer intensive purchasing, risk management, and fundamentals curriculum from basic to advanced levels. The programs are available both at their venues or at your location.
    For more information, call (410) 442-5757, e-mail: sales@energyinstitution.org, or visit their Web site at http://www.energyinstitution.org/.
  • Energy Seminars, Inc. creates and produces seminars, both public and in-house, on a variety of topics of interest to professionals in the energy producing, marketing, transportation, utility, and end-user industries. Courses include: natural gas basic and advanced topics, processing, contracts, hedging; electricity basic and advanced topics, purchase, and hedging; and so forth.
    For more information, phone (281) 362-7979 or visit their Web site at http://www.energyseminars.com/
  • Euromoney Energy Training provides a full range of expert upstream and downstream training courses focused on the energy industry. These courses consist of practical and interactive lectures and workshops, providing professionals with the required skills and insight to further their hands-on business experience.
    For more information please visit www.euromoneyenergytraining.com or either email us on energy@euromoneytraining.com or call +44 (0)20 7779 8601
  • Financial Accounting Institute offers utility finance and accounting seminars with CPE and CLE credit for financial and non-financial professionals. These workshops focus on how to use finance and accounting data to improve managerial skills. They specialize their topics to fit the company when they present the workshops inhouse.
    For more information, phone (201) 568-0249 or visit their Web site at http://www.financialaccounting.com/
  • GE's Power Systems and Energy Courses (PSEC)
    In this challenging economy, the most successful businesses recognize the importance of providing their power systems and energy professionals with the quality education needed to make informative decisions. With a 62-year history, GE Energy's Power Systems and Energy Courses are designed to provide valuable insights about industry trends, best practices, and the latest technologies through professional experts considered to be among the best practical engineers in the world. Our courses and programs enhance learning through the use of the latest industry software and include tours of GE's research centers, manufacturing facilities, and other industry businesses.
    For more information, call us at (518) 385-2222 or visit our Web site at www.ge-energy.com/psec
  • Institute for Financial Markets
    Established in 1989, the Institute for Financial Markets (IFM) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational foundation which provides unbiased information on trading including those in the energy complex. As a non-profit foundation we deliver high quality, low cost education to industry professionals, U.S. and international regulators, public-policy makers, Congress and universities. Our courses are usually 50% less than those offered by commercial vendors as our goal is provide education over making profit, and we offer small class sizes to prove a more personalize learning experience. All of our instructors, are well-rounded educators who blend theory with industry practice and realistic application, and have worked in the industry. For more information, visit theIFM.org.
  • International Human Resources Development Corporation (IHRDC)
    IHRDC has been a global leader in training and competency management for the oil and gas industry for more than 40 years, offering the best Instructional Programs, e-Learning resources, and Competency Management services available to the industry today. IHRDC offers a comprehensive set of Instructional Programs spanning the business of petroleum and natural gas, petroleum law, human resources, as well as finance and project economics. IHRDC's programs employ a unique blend of lectures, group discussions, and challenging business simulation workshops to ensure maximum learning. The company is headquartered in Boston, USA with offices in Houston, Amsterdam, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Lagos. For more information, please visit http://www.ihrdc.com or contact us at +1-617-536-0202.
  • Manufacturing Technology Strategies - MTS
    Consultants and contractors in the areas of technical documentation, training systems and management systems for manufacturing industries. Four phase system focused on manufacturing and business management processes: 1) Align Processes, Organization and People (Planning Phase), 2) Documentation Phase, 3) Training/Transfer Phase, 4) Apply and Measure Phase. Each phase is customized to meet the customer's needs or can run independently. Products and Services: Conduct Operations and Maintenance Training; Analysis of the Technology; Writing Documents and Training Writers; Technical and Administrative Document Development and Electronic Conversion; Comprehensive Training Program Design; Training Needs Assessments; Competency Matrix; Technology Audits; Gap Analysis; Customized Operations and Maintenance Training; E-Learning System (in development); Learning-How-To-Learn; Training Trainers.
    For more information, phone (314) 298-0004, fax (314) 298-0006 or visit their Web site at http://www.mtsworld.com/ or http://www.mtsworld.com/mtssystem.php.
  • Mercatus Energy Advisors
    Mercatus Energy Advisors is the leading, independent energy hedging and risk management advisory firm. Our veteran energy traders and risk managers provide hands on executive training courses on a variety of energy hedging and risk management related topics including bunker fuel, crude oil, diesel fuel, electricity, gasoline, heating oil, jet fuel, natural gas and natural gas liquids. In addition to our public training courses, we also provide private, in-house training on energy hedging, risk management and trading to companies of all sizes. For more information and a full calendar of our upcoming training courses, please visit www.mercatusenergy.com/education or call us at (713) 970-1003.    
  • MIT Professional Institute
    The MIT Professional Institute (PI) offers 40+ intensive short courses designed especially for professionals. Courses are from 2 to 6 days long and are taught on campus by MIT faculty from June through August. Several short courses are offered on energy / transportation topics each summer. Additional offerings include: biotechnology, computing, networks, communications, renewable energy, transportation, nanotechnology, lasers, lean enterprise, technology policy, systems engineering, data analysis and other topics of vital interest to today's engineers and scientists.
    For more information, visit: http://professionalinstitute.mit.edu, Email: professionalinstitute@mit.edu or Telephone: 617-253-2101.
  • National Registry of Environmental Professionals (NREP) offers courses that are taught by subject matter experts and which have applicability to both Government and Commercial Environmental Management. The curriculum is broad with courses at both the introductory and advanced level. Several of the course offerings explore, in detail, lessons learned through DOE and EPA specific examples. All courses meet the TQP standards as set forth by the U.S. Department of Energy National Training Office (NETO) and are delivered by the same instructor pool.
    For more information, contact Kristy at (865) 694-9826 or e-mail: nrep@etmdtraining.net or kristyd@etmdtraining.net, or visit their Web site at http://www.t-f-e.com/Environmental.htm
  • Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA) helps its members to Connect, Learn, and Serve through more than 175 annual training events, conferences, workshops, and e-Learning programs. We serve more than 400 member organizations, primarily made up of consumer-owned utilities (municipals, districts, and cooperatives) and a variety of organizations that provide products and services to those utilities. Membership is not required to participate in most programs, so please take a look at our event listings at: http://www.nwppa.org/education/welcome_to_educational_opportunities.aspx. Or contact us at 360.254.0109 or arnie@nwppa.org.
  • Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) provides executive education events across the U.S. and Webinars on a variety of energy-related topics including fuel purchasing, energy risk management, natural gas liquids, ethanol, biodiesel and more. OPIS also holds three large conventions each year providing unique learning and networking experiences for energy professionals. Our instructors are recruited from among the top experts in their fields. For more information and a full calendar of events, please visit: http://www.opisnet.com/conferences.asp or call 1-866-620-5940.
  • The Oxford Princeton Programme is the world's leading provider of education and training to the energy and derivatives markets. Courses are designed by renowned faculty for all levels of expertise and include views on
    oil, natural gas, power, renewables, trading, hedging, risk management and a variety of other topics. Companies and individual professionals can choose from a wide array of instructer-led, in-house/on-site, and internet-enabled courses. We are constantly updating our course schedule. For the latest on dates,locations and titles, please visit www.oxfordprinceton.com.
  • PGS Energy Training is the leading provider of training programs for today's energy industry. PGS offers a wide variety of seminars in energy trading and the electric power, natural gas and petroleum industries. PGS offers on-site training programs, open registration public seminars, Webinars, confidential training for senior executives, and Seminars-on-Demand online training programs. The company can be reached at 43 Fawnvue Drive, Suite 700; McKees Rocks, PA 15136. Telephone: (412) 521-4737; e-mail: newinfo@pgsenergy.com.
    Visit their Web site http://www.pgsenergy.com/
  • Paradigm provides practical non-theoretical training in energy derivatives and their related risk management technologies. Programs are structured to the specific needs of today's dynamic energy industry.
    For more information, visit their Web site at http://www.paradigmtraining.com/ or call 203-637-1092 (Connecticut office) or 281-360-7822 (Texas office); e-mail: info@paradigmtraining.com.
  • Patterson & Associates offers our extensive knowledge and expertise to assist companies in the energy industry by designing and providing companies with in-depth, customized, complete training programs to help a company's personnel thrive in the ever-changing energy industry. Our training programs are designed to help a company “Be Competitive” with greater efficiency and cost savings by providing employees with the skills necessary to help them perform their own jobs better and have a more valuable understanding of the business processes linked to their immediate job function. Please visit our website at www.patterson-associates.com.
  • Petroleum Institute for Continuing Education provides opportunities for participants to learn via Self Study (Purpose: Learn the basics); Large Group Experiences (Purpose: Create Community); Small Group Experiences (Purpose: Engage in Shared Experiences); and One-on-One Experiences (Purpose: Maximize our Human Potential). Some of the course topics include Drilling and Completions, Exploration (Geology/ Geophysics/Exploitation), Heavy Oil/Oil Sands/Other, Pipeline Design, Construction, and Operation, Production (Well and Gathering System Optimization), and so forth. The training is provided on-site at their training centers in Houston, Texas, or in Calgary, Canada, or off-site, i.e., at your business location.
    For more information, visit their Web site at http://www.peice.com/?frfi=38519.
  • Petrostrategies, Inc. is a consulting, research, and training organization focusing on the oil and gas industry. Check out their Web site's training area at http://www.petrostrategies.org/Learning_Center/learning_center.htm. This company also offers Web-based training. For more information, call (972) 867-5950 or e-mail: allenmesch@petrostrategies.org
  • PIRA Energy Group is an international energy consulting firm specializing in global energy market analysis and intelligence. PIRA Energy Group conducts seminars year-round at various strategic locations. PIRA's Oil Executive Training Program offer one-on-one instruction on all facets of the international oil market.
    For more information, please contact them at 212-686-6808 or visit http://www.pira.com/.
  • ProComply is a provider of energy and regulatory-related courses tailored specifically for natural gas and electric utilities, marketers and transmission companies in the US. Their highly customized content is based on the unique business model and operating conditions for each energy company. In addition to customized training programs, ProComply performs in-house compliance assessment and implementation services that also serve to train internal staff for developing compliance programs. FERC areas include Standards and Codes of Conduct, Market Behavior and Manipulation Rules, Gas Capacity Release and general FERC educational areas. NERC areas include Physical Access Cyber Security and Electronic Access Cyber Security.
    For more information, ProComply can be reached at 512-782-4344, info@procomply.com, or visit their website at www.procomply.com.
  • Russo on Energy LLC offers 1 to 2 day courses on Natural Gas, Oil, Liquefied Natural Gas, NEPA Environmental Impact Assessment, Physical and Financial Natural Gas Markets, Hydropower, FERC Hydropower Licensing and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). These courses are at the introductory to intermediate level and are ideal for energy industry professionals, management, institutional investors, consultants, and Federal and State Regulators. Our courses provide attendees with a firm grounding in the industry, supply chain, infrastructure and regulations affecting infrastructure siting and energy markets. All courses discuss of emerging trends that affect a given industry, such as safety and health, energy trade, changing electricity markets and regulations. All of our courses are taught by Tom Russo who has 30 years of experience in energy at FERC. Mr. Russo has a reputation of being able to explain complex energy topics and make them easy to understand. His approach is interactive and relates every day events into course materials to ensure a solid understanding of the subject matter. This enables attendees to apply what they learned to their jobs. Each course comes with a comprehensive manual and glossary. Russo on Energy can customize its formal course offerings to fit your organization's specific goals and budget either at a planned venue or in-house at your organization. For more information, visit the website at http://www.russoonenergy.com/content/upcoming-energy-training or contact Tom Russo at tom@russoonenergy.com & 703-375-9482 for questions on in-house training.
  • Siemens Power Academy TD - North America, has been providing power system engineers and industry technicians with educational programs for over 45 years.
    With the growth of emerging technology and trends in Energy it is vital that our power system, transmission, and distribution industries attract and retain a qualified and knowledgeable workforce. As power engineering programs disappear from the academic landscape,this has becomean even greater challenge. One way engineers can demonstrate value, skills, and competencies in their field of expertise is topursuecontinuous learning. At Siemens Power Academy TD North America, we offer short courses in Power Distribution, Power Engineering, Power Transmission, and on our world class PSS®E softwareand PSS® Product Suite. In 2010, Siemens Power Academy TD NA announced the introduction of three Certification Programs in Power SystemEngineering, Power System Transmission and Power System Dynamics. Siemens Power Academy Certifications aredesignedfor engineering professionals and allow employees tovalidate skills whilealso providingemployers with a proven method for developing its workforce toremain competitive. Located throughout the continental United States and Canada, you'll find courses that are meaningful, locations that are convenient, and contentthat is vital for this industry's sustainability. Call today to find our more (518) 395-5186 or visit our website at: http://www.usa.siemens.com/energy/pti-education
  • Skipping Stone Inc.
    Skipping Stone offers a unique method of providing energy training and continuing education services. Unlike others, our courses are focused on the business aspects of the energy market and are taught by veteran energy executives with a deep understanding of the energy industry. Our course instructors take pride in their ability to make complex topics easy to understand and to engage each participant to assure they gain a strong foundation, which they can carry forward into their professional careers. Each of our courses comes with a comprehensive manual and utilizes interactive exercises that create real world simulations for course participants. Immediate application of the concepts in the training manual through these exercises results in significantly higher retention levels. The experience of our instructors allows participants to ask wide ranging and in-depth questions about the training topic and related industry experiences. By engaging client leadership beforehand, all of our training courses can be shaped to fit client strategies, utilize client products and services in the examples, and provide industry context for the participant. Our unique methods enable participants to understand the big picture, as well as how the concepts in each chapter apply to their company and to their specific job function. For more information call Laura Curran (714) 965-0800 or e-mail: training@skippingstone.com.
  • SNL CFE, an affiliate of SNL Financial, LC, develops and produces sector-focused conferences and seminars for professionals who focus on the energy, financial services, real estate and media sectors. Attendees include corporate development, finance and investor relations professionals, Wall Street analysts and asset managers, investment bankers, private equity investors and industry regulators. Instructors for CFE programs are drawn from the ranks of active practitioners, industry executive and acknowledged experts with the goal of exposing participants to a variety of perspectives and approaches. Website: www.snlcenter.com.

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