Natural Gas Market: Status and Outlook


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Natural Gas Market: Status and Outlook

Current Natural Gas Spot Prices: Well Above the Recent Price Range

Average Wellhead Prices Currently Exceed the Highest Level Over the Past 20 Years

As of Jan. 12, 2001, Storage Stocks are Down About 30 Percent from the 5 Year Average

Why Have Natural Gas Prices Surged in 2000?

Rigs Drilling Gas Wells Are At All-Time Highs

Outlook for Winter 2000/2001

Low Natural Gas Stocks Expected at the End of the Current Heating Season

Outlook for NEXT Winter 2001/2002

Natural Gas Spot Prices: Base Case and 95% Confidence Interval

Consumers Will Pay 45 Percent More Per Mcf and Total Heating Bills Will Be About 75 Percent Higher Than Last Winter

Shortage Stocks are Below the Average Five-Year Level

Natural Gas Market Outlook: For 2020

U.S. Natural Gas Consumption, Production, and Imports, 1970-2020 (trillion cubic feet)

U.S. Natural Gas Consumption by Sector, 1990-2020 (trillion cubic feet)

In Summary: The Gas Industry is Dynamic and Faces Opportunities and Challenges...

Author: Barbara Mariner-Volpe

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