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October is Energy Action Month

October is Energy Action Month! How much energy do you use in an average day and where do those energy supplies come from? With the right knowledge and understanding of energy's impact on our daily lives, we can learn how to use energy more wisely.

Test your energy smarts

This page will serve as your portal to a wealth of energy facts, figures and activities that will add to your energy knowledge in fun ways for kids and adults.

  • Which uses the most energy in American homes each year?
  • What sector of the U.S. economy consumes most of the nation's petroleum?
  • Which fuel provides the most energy in the United States?
  • How much of the energy in burning coal reaches the consumer as electricity?
  • Which renewable energy source provides the U.S. with the most energy?

Learn the answers to these questions and test your energy knowledge with this energy quiz.

Help promote energy literacy with the outreach toolkit

Help promote energy literacy

Energy Action Month is a great time to promote energy understanding. Use our Outreach Toolkit to promote the U.S. Energy Information Administration's five great energy education resources.

Outreach Toolkit —Help Promote Energy Literacy

Support energy literacy on your blog, website, or bulletin by promoting the educational resources with the sample articles, announcement blurbs, and web banners, and widgets below.

Today in Energy

  • Topical, timely, short articles with energy news and information you can understand and use
  • Published every weekday
  • See Today in Energy with widgets and banners

Energy Kids

  • explains energy topics in language kids (and adults) can understand
  • The kids page includes energy-related games and activities, suggested science fair projects, teacher lesson plans, and a section on energy history with a development timeline for specific energy sources and famous energy people
  • See Energy Kids banners and link to the site

Energy Explained

Energy in Brief

  • Short, magazine-type articles about current energy topics
  • See the list of articles, and share the page or sign up for email updates and RSS feed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Provides the answers to some popular energy questions
  • See the list of FAQ's or ask an energy question of your own

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