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Singapore's Key Energy Statistics world rank
Total Primary Energy Consumption
quadrillion Btu
Total Primary Energy Production
quadrillion Btu
Imports of Crude Oil including Lease Condensate
thousand barrels per day
Total Consumption of Petroleum Products
thousand barrels per day
Imports of Dry Natural Gas
billion cubic feet
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Map of Singapore
Map of Singapore

Analysis - Energy Sector Highlights Last updated: July 2016

  • Singapore’s strategic location between the Indian and Pacific Oceans and near the Strait of Malacca has allowed it to become one of Asia’s major petrochemical and refining centers and oil trading hubs.
  • Singapore has world-class refining, storage, and distribution infrastructure, and Jurong Island on the southern edge of the country is the center of Singapore’s petrochemical industry. Several major international energy companies operate retail networks in the area. Singapore’s government plans to promote long-term growth in refining capacity and oil storage capacity in order to maintain its market position as a refining and oil-trading leader.
  • Singapore has no indigenous hydrocarbon reserves and must import all its crude oil and natural gas. In 2015 Singapore's total primary energy consumption included approximately 87% of crude oil and petroleum products, 13% of natural gas, and less than 1% of other fuel sources, according to the recent BP Statistical Review of World Energy.
  • The country has a total crude refining capacity of about 1.4 million barrels per day (b/d) at three refineries, according to FACTS Global Energy. In 2015, Singapore imported approximately 1 million b/d of crude oil with the vast majority sent from the Middle East and Southeast Asia, according to the Singapore government. Imported crude oil is used mostly in the petrochemicals and refining sector.
  • In 2015, Singapore ranked third worldwide for exports of refined oil products, with more than half of its exports going to Malaysia, Indonesia, and China.

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