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Libya's Key Energy Statistics world rank
Total Primary Energy Production
quadrillion Btu
Total Primary Energy Consumption
quadrillion Btu
Total Petroleum and Other Liquids Production
thousand barrels per day
Crude Oil Proved Reserves
billion barrels
Vented and Flared Natural Gas
billion cubic feet
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Map of Libya
Map of Libya

Analysis - Energy Sector Highlights Last updated: November 19, 2015

  • Libya is a member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the holder of Africa’s largest proved crude oil reserves, and the fifth-largest holder of Africa’s proved natural gas reserves.
  • The country’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) has emphasized the need to apply enhanced oil recovery techniques to increase crude oil production at maturing oil fields. Before the 2011 civil war, the NOC claimed that capacity additions of about 775,000 b/d were possible from existing oil fields.
  • Libya’s oil production was disrupted for most of 2011 because of the civil war, but it recovered relatively quickly following the cessation of most hostilities. The country’s oil sector was crippled again in mid-2013 as widespread protests led to a sharp deterioration of the security environment and the closure of loading ports, oil fields, and pipelines. Most of the country’s oil production continues to be disrupted.
  • Libya typically exports most of its crude oil to European countries, with Italy being the leading recipient. The United States resumed importing crude oil from Libya in 2004 after sanctions were removed, although the amount imported typically is small.
  • As with its oil sector, Libya’s natural gas industry recovered in 2012, but production still remained below the pre-war level. Libya’s rank as a producer and reserve holder is less significant for natural gas than it is for oil. About half of its natural gas production is exported to Italy via the Greenstream pipeline.

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