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Crude oil prices: refiner acquisition cost
Elizabeth Scott 202-586-1258
Crude oil prices: cost of imported crude oil
Elizabeth Scott 202-586-1258
Crude oil production
Gary Long 202-586-3467
Diesel prices
Mason Hamilton 202-586-7105
Domestic crude oil first purchase report
Dave Gatton 202-586-5995
Jennifer Barrick 202-586-6254
Fuel ethanol production
John Duff 202-586-9612
Fuel oil sales
Dan Walzer 202-586-3511
John Duff 202-586-9612
Natural gas liquids; propane data
Warren Wilczewski 202-586-9320
Petroleum stocks
Mark Mayo 202-586-3536
Product consumption
Michael Morris 202-586-1199
Product prices
Mason Hamilton 202-586-7105
Refinery operations
Julie Harris 202-586-6281
Retail gasoline
Mason Hamilton 202-586-7105
Steve Grape 202-586-1868
Supply and disposition
Mike Conner 202-586-1795
John Duff 202-586-9612
Weekly petroleum status report
Robert Merriam 202-586-4615

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