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Supporting Information: Country Analysis Briefs,

Midterm energy projections
Linda Doman 202-586-1041
Petroleum market short-term projections
Erik Kreil 202-586-6573
World oil market disruption contingency analysis/Regional issues
Erik Kreil 202-586-6573

Supporting Information: International Energy Statistics

Carbon dioxide emissions
Perry Lindstrom
Connie Cheung
Coal-all topics
Tejasvi Raghuveer 202-586-8926
Crude oil exports, imports, and refining
Erik Kreil 202-586-6573
Crude oil production and crude oil reserves
Patricia Smith 202-586-6925
Electricity-all topics
Patricia Smith 202-586-6925
Macroeconomic-all topics
Vipin Arora 202-586-1048
Natural gas-all topics
Karen Griffin 202-586-1357
Natural gas plant liquids production (a component of petroleum production)
Patricia Smith 202-586-6925
Petroleum consumption
Joel Lou 202-586-1457
Refined petroleum products-consumption, exports, imports, and output
Joel Lou 202-586-1457
Steven Hanson 202-287-5826

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