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Working and Net Available Shell Storage Capacity

With Data for March 2024 Release Date: May 31, 2024 Next Release Date: May 30, 2025
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Containing storage capacity data for crude oil, petroleum products, and selected biofuels. The report includes tables detailing working and net available shell storage capacity by type of facility, product, and Petroleum Administration for Defense District (PAD District). Net available shell storage capacity is broken down further to show the percent for exclusive use by facility operators and the percent leased to others. Crude oil storage capacity data are also provided for Cushing, Oklahoma, an important crude oil market center. Data through 2019 were released twice each year near the end of May (data for March 31) and near the end of November (data for September 30). Beginning with 2020, only data for March will be collected and released near the end of May.

1-3 Storage Capacity Tables XLSX
  Crude Oil Stocks and Storage Capacity (March 2011 - March 2024) XLSX