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Domestic Uranium Production Report - Quarterly

Data for 4th Quarter 2014  |  Release Date: January 28, 2015  |  Next Release Date: May 2015  |   full report

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4th Quarter 2014

U.S. production of uranium concentrate in the fourth quarter 2014 was 1,100,111 pounds U3O8, down 25% from the previous quarter and up 16% from the fourth quarter 2013. During the fourth quarter 2014, U.S. uranium was produced at seven U.S. uranium facilities, one less than in the previous quarter. Uranium was not produced at the White Mesa Mill in Utah, but was operating-processing alternate feed in the fourth quarter 2014.

U.S. uranium mill in production (state)


U.S. uranium in-situ-leach plants in production (state)

  1. Alta Mesa Project (Texas)
  2. Crow Butte Operation (Nebraska)
  3. Hobson ISR Plant/La Palangana (Texas)
  4. Lost Creek Project (Wyoming)
  5. Nichols Ranch ISR Project (Wyoming)
  6. Smith Ranch-Highland Operation (Wyoming)
  7. Willow Creek Project (Wyoming)

Preliminary 2014 total

U.S. uranium concentrate production totaled 4,905,909 pounds U3O8 in 2014. This amount is 5% higher than the 4,658,842 pounds produced in 2013. U.S. production in 2014 represents about 11% of the 2014 anticipated uranium market requirements of 46.5 million pounds for U.S. civilian nuclear power reactors.1


Figure 1. Uranium concentrate production in the United States, 1996 - 4th Quarter 2014 figure data












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