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Country Analysis Briefs

An ongoing compilation of country energy profiles. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) maintains Country Analysis Briefs (CABs) for specific countries that are important to world energy markets, including members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), major non-OPEC oil producers, major energy transit countries, major energy consumers, and other areas of current interest to energy analysts and policy makers.

PDF Short-Term Energy Outlook

Released: April 8, 2014

Short-term energy supply, demand, and price projections through 2015 for the United States and international oil forecasts. (archived versions)

PDF Monthly Energy Review

Released: March 27, 2014

The Monthly Energy Review (MER) is the U.S. Energy Information Administration's primary report of recent energy statistics. Included are total energy production, consumption, and trade; energy prices; overviews of petroleum, natural gas, coal, electricity, nuclear energy, renewable energy, and international petroleum; carbon dioxide emissions; and data unit conversions. (archived versions)

Profiles for U.S. States

Released: July 21, 2011

Comprehensive State Energy Profiles with detailed data for each state.

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PDF International Energy Outlook

Released: July 25, 2013

This report presents international energy projections through 2040, prepared by the Energy Information Administration, including outlooks for major energy fuels and associated carbon dioxide emissions. (archived versions)

PDF State Energy Production Estimates

Released: June 28, 2013

Energy production estimates in physical units and in Btu, by state, 1960-2011. (archived versions)

State Energy Data System

Released: June 28, 2013

The State Energy Data System (SEDS) is the U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) source for comprehensive state energy statistics. Included are estimates of energy production, consumption, prices, and expenditures broken down by energy source and sector. Production and consumption estimates begin with the year 1960 while price and expenditure estimates begin with 1970. The multidimensional completeness of SEDS allows users to make comparisons across states, energy sources, sectors, and over time. (archived versions)

Energy Perspectives: Trends and Milestones

Released: October 19, 2011

Energy Perspectives is a graphical overview of energy history in the United States. The 43 graphs shown here reveal sweeping trends related to the nation's production, consumption, and trade of energy from 1949 through 2011. (archived versions)