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Heating Oil and Propane Update

Weekly residential, wholesale, and spot prices; and production, demand, and stocks of heating fuels. (Weekly heating oil and propane prices are only collected during the heating season which extends from October through March.)

Weekly Petroleum Status Report

The petroleum supply situation in the context of historical information and selected prices. (archived versions)

This Week in Petroleum

Data and analysis of recent events affecting the petroleum industry and markets. (archived versions)

Short-Term Energy Outlook - Petroleum Section

Released: August 12, 2014

Short-term petroleum supply, demand, and price projections.

Monthly Biodiesel Production Report

Released: July 31, 2014

Presents monthly data on inventory held by biodiesel producers, production capacity, production, and sales quantities. Production capacity is reported at the national and state levels.

Petroleum Supply Monthly

Released: July 30, 2014

Supply and disposition of crude oil and petroleum products on a national and regional level. The data series describe production, imports and exports, movements and inventories. (archived versions)

Working and Net Available Shell Storage Capacity

Released: May 29, 2014

Working and Net Available Shell Storage Capacity is the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) report containing storage capacity data for crude oil, petroleum products, and selected biofuels. The report includes tables detailing working and net available shell storage capacity by type of facility, product, and Petroleum Administration for Defense District (PAD District). Net available shell storage capacity is broken down further to show the percent for exclusive use by facility operators and the percent leased to others. Crude oil storage capacity data are also provided for Cushing, Oklahoma, an important crude oil market center. Data are released twice each year near the end of May (data for March 31) and near the end of November (data for September 30). (archived versions)

Petroleum Supply Annual, Volume 2

Released: September 27, 2013

Final monthly data for the supply and disposition of crude oil and petroleum products. (archived versions)

Petroleum Supply Annual, Volume 1

Released: September 27, 2013

Final annual data for the supply and disposition of crude oil and petroleum products. (archived versions)

Gulf of Mexico Fact Sheet

Released: July 1, 2013

Updated data and maps of energy infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico, and updated information on past energy disruptions in the United States. (archived versions)

Annual Energy Outlook - Petroleum Section

Released: May 2, 2013

Petroleum projections to 2040.

Hurricane Isaac

Released: August 31, 2012

Overview, data, and map on energy infrastructure and potential supply disruptions from Hurricane Isaac.

Hurricane Impacts on the U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Markets

Released: September 26, 2008

Report on hurricane impacts on the U.S. oil and natural gas markets.

Comparisons of Independent Petroleum Supply Statistics

Released: October 24, 2005

Compares final petroleum data published in the Petroleum Supply Annual with similar petroleum data obtained from other sources. Data comparisons are presented for 1994 through 2003. (archived versions)

Forecasting Crude Oil Spot Price Using OECD Petroleum Inventory Levels

Released: March 1, 2003

This paper presents a short-term monthly forecasting model of West Texas Intermediate crude oil spot price using Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) petroleum inventory levels.

Northeast Heating Fuel Market The, Assessment and Options

Released: May 1, 2000

In response to the President's request, this study examines how the distillate fuel oil market (and related energy markets) in the Northeast behaved in the winter of 1999-2000, explains the role played by residential, commercial, industrial, and electricity generation sector consumers in distillate fuel oil markets and describes how that role is influenced by the structure of the energy markets in the Northeast

Petroleum: An Energy Profile 1999

Released: July 1, 1999

Explains in layman's terms the major components and operations of the U.S. petroleum industry that include: petroleum products, resources and reserves, drilling and exploration, refining, storage and transportation, imports, exports, and petroleum marketing.

Petroleum 1996: Issues and Trends

Released: September 1, 1997

Examines historical trends and focuses on major petroleum issues and the events they represent. It analyzes different dimensions of the petroleum industry and related markets in terms of how they relate to the volatility in petroleum markets.

Distillate Fuel Oil Assessment for Winter 1996-1997

Released: June 15, 1997

This article describes findings of an analysis of the current low level of distillate stocks which are available to help meet the demand for heating fuel this winter, and presents a summary of the Energy Information Administration's distillate fuel oil outlook for the current heating season under two weather scenarios.

Recent Trends in Crude Oil Stock Levels

Released: October 1, 1996

This article, the third in a series of three on petroleum stocks, attempts to identify the components of the decline in the EIA crude oil stock data.


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