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Alternative Fuel Vehicle Data

Released: April 8, 2013

Annual data released on the number of on-road alternative fuel vehicles and hybrid vehicles made available by both the original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket vehicle conversion facilities. Data on the use of alternative fueled vehicles and the amount of fuel they consume is also available.

Household Vehicles Energy Consumption

Released: November 30, 2005

This report provides newly available national and regional data and analyzes the nation's energy use by light-duty vehicles. This release represents the analytical component of the report, with a data component having been released in early 2005. (archived versions)

Supplemental Data for the 2001 NHTS

Released: January 21, 2004

Residential Transportation (RTECS) was conducted in 1983, 1985, 1988, 1991, and 1994 then discontinued.

Supplemental Energy-related Data for the 2001 National Household Travel Survey

Released: January 1, 2004

Appendix K. - Documentation on estimation methodologies for fuel economy and fuel cost.

Review of Transportation Issues & Comparison of Infrastructure Costs for a Renewable Fuels Standard

Released: September 1, 2002

This paper analyzes the inter-regional transportation issues and associated costs for increased distribution of renewable fuels with the assumption that ethanol will be used to meet the standards.

Odometer Versus Self-Reported Estimates of Vehicle Miles Traveled

Released: August 1, 2000

The findings described here compare odometer readings with self-reported estimates of Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) to investigate to what extent self-reported VMT is a reliable surrogate for odometer-based VMT.

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