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Does EIA have data on each power plant in the United States?

Monthly and total annual fuel consumption, power generation, and various environmental data for U.S. electric power plants with a total generating capacity of one megawatt or greater are collected with the EIA-923 survey and published in the EIA-923 database.

Data on the individual electric generators at U.S. power plants, including the operational status, generating capacity, primary fuel/energy sources used, type of prime mover, location, the month and year of initial operation, and other information are collected with the EIA-860 survey and published in the EIA-860 database.

Preliminary monthly data (most recent available) on the current status of existing, proposed, retired, and canceled or postponed generating units at U.S. electric power plants are published in the EIA-860M database.

Last updated: November 09, 2015

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