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Short-Term Energy and Winter Fuels Outlook

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Table 7b : U.S. Regional Electricity Retail Sales (Million Kilowatthours per Day)

aTotal retail sales to all sectors includes residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation sector sales.
- = no data available
Notes: The approximate break between historical and forecast values is shown with estimates and forecasts in italics.
Retail Sales represents total retail electricity sales by electric utilities and power marketers.
Regions refer to U.S. Census divisions.
See "Census division" in EIA's Energy Glossary for a list of states in each region.
Historical data: Latest data available from Energy Information Administration databases supporting the following reports: Electric Power Monthly, DOE/EIA-0226; and Electric Power Annual, DOE/EIA-0348.
Minor discrepancies with published historical data are due to independent rounding.
Projections: EIA Regional Short-Term Energy Model.