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Annual Energy Outlook 2014

Release Dates: April 7 - 30, 2014   |  Next Early Release Date: December 2014   |  See schedule

Economic Activity AEO 2013Trends in economic activity

Mkt trends Market Trends

  • Productivity and investment offset slow growth in labor force...Read full section
  • Slow consumption growth, rapid investment growth, and an increasing trade surplus...Read full section
  • Energy-intensive industries show strong early growth in output...Read full section
  • Energy expenditures decline relative to gross domestic product and gross output...Read full section
  • In the United States, average energy use per person declines from 2010 to 2040...Read full section
  • Iron and steel, cement, and glass industries are most sensitive to economic growth rate...Read full section
  • Energy use reflects output and efficiency trends in energy-intensive industries...Read full section
  • Metal-based durable goods show the fastest growth among non-energy-intensive industries...Read full section
  • Nonmanufacturing efficiency gains are slowed by rising energy intensity in the mining industry...Read full section
  • Nuclear power plant capacity grows slowly through uprates and new builds...Read full section
  • Natural gas prices depend on economic growth and resource recovery rates among other factors...Read full section

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