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Data for 2013  |  Release Date: July 8, 2015  |  Next Release: February 2016  

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United States Electricity Profile 2013

Table 1. 2013 Summary statistics (United States)  
Item Value
Primary energy source Coal
Net summer capacity (megawatts) 1,060,064
Electric utilities 616,799
IPP & CHP 443,264
Net generation (megawatthours) 4,065,964,067
Electric utilities 2,388,058,409
IPP & CHP 1,677,905,658
Sulfur Dioxide (short tons) 3,978,753
Nitrogen Oxide (short tons) 2,411,564
Carbon Dioxide (thousand metric tons) 2,172,355
Sulfur Dioxide (lbs/MWh) 2.0
Nitrogen Oxide (lbs/MWh) 1.2
Carbon Dioxide (lbs/MWh) 1,175
Total retail sales (megawatthours) 3,725,063,721
Full service provider sales 3,165,853,022
Energy-only provider sales 559,210,699
Direct use (megawatthours) 143,461,937
Average retail price (cents/kWh) 10.12
kWh = Kilowatthours.
Sources: U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-860, "Annual Electric Generator Report." U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-861,"Annual Electric Power Industry Report." U.S. Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-923, "Power Plant Operations Report" and predecessor forms.

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Table 2. Ten largest plants by generation capacity, 2013
Table 3. Top five retailers of electricity, with end use sectors, 2013
Table 4. Electric power industry capability by primary energy source, 1990-2013
Table 5. Electric power industry generation by primary energy source, 1990-2013
Table 6. Electric power delivered fuel prices and quality for coal, petroleum, natural gas, 1990-2013
Table 7. Electric power industry emissions estimates, 1990-2013
Table 8. Retail sales, revenue, and average retail price by sector, 1990-2013
Table 9. Retail electricity sales statistics, 2013
Table 10. Supply and disposition of electricity, 1990-2013 (million kilowatthours)
Table 11. Net metering, 2010-2013 (megawatthours)
Table 12. Advanced metering, 2007-2013

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