Form EIA-826 detailed data

The Form EIA-826 "Monthly Electric Utility Sales and Revenue Report with State Distributions" collects retail sales of electricity and associated revenue, each month, from a statistically chosen sample of electric utilities in the United States. The respondents to the Form EIA-826 are chosen from the Form EIA-861, "Annual Electric Utility Report." Methodology is based on the "Model-Based Sampling, Inference and Imputation."

In 2003, EIA revised the survey to separate the transportation sales and reassign the other activities to the commercial and industrial sectors as appropriate. The "other" sector activities included public street and highway lighting, sales to public authorities, sales to railroads and railways, interdepartmental sales, and agricultural irrigations.

Data are provided for bundled utilities on a utility level.  Any data supplied by confidential utility ownership (power marketers) will not be displayed monthly on a utility level, but will appear in the aggregate totals.

Beginning in 2011, EIA started collecting monthly green pricing, net metering, and advanced metering data. As of this time, the data are not fully reported by all monthly respondents and are therefore incomplete for some states.  Aggregated data only represent totals of the data collected at each of the aggregated levels displayed.  Imputation procedures for these data have not been established and therefore total representation for state and U.S. totals is not available.  

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Retail sales and revenue
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Note: Green Pricing is no longer collected on form EIA-826. April 2014 is the last data month in which EIA collected Green Pricing data.

Green pricing
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2014 XLS

Net metering
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Advanced metering
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