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Annual Coal Distribution Report

Release Date: April 8, 2016   |   Next Release Date: December 2016  |   full report 

The Annual Coal Distribution Report (ACDR) provides detailed information on domestic coal distribution by origin state, destination state, consumer category, and method of transportation. Also provided is a summary of foreign coal distribution by coal-producing state. All data for 2014 are final and this report supersedes the 2014 quarterly coal distribution reports.

Highlights for 2014:

  • Total coal distributions for 2014 were 987.2 million short tons, an increase of 1.2% compared with 2013.
  • Distributions to domestic destinations were 890.0 million short tons, an increase of 31.7 million short tons (i.e. 3.7% increases) compared with 2013. Distributions to foreign destinations were 97.3 million short tons, a decrease of 20.4 million short tons (i.e. 17.3% decreases) over 2013.
  • Wyoming was the leading origin state of coal, accounting for about 394.6 million short tons of domestic shipments, while Texas was the leading destination for coal, accounting for about 102.3 million short tons of receipts.
  • Railroads moved about 68.5% of the domestic coal, while river accounted for 12.7%, truck about 11.1% and tramway, conveyor, and slurry pipeline accounted for 7.5%. Great lakes and tidewater pier transport modes accounted for less than 0.1% of the total shipments.
  • The electric power sector received approximately 92.7% of the domestic distribution, while industrial plants excluding coke received 4.8%, coke plants about 2.3%, and commercial and institutional plants about 0.2%.



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Domestic and foreign distribution of U.S. coal by origin State Domestic distribution of U.S. coal by:
origin State, consumer, destination and method of transportation destination State, consumer, destination and method of transportation

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