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Annual Energy Outlook 2016

Full Release Date: September 15, 2016   |  Next Release Date:  January 2017   |  full report



  • The Energy price section under Electricity, two numbers were corrected as indicated by the following bold value:
    Eight paragraph, first sentence should read -"In the Reference case, new generation capacity added through the projection period includes 167 GW of natural gas capacity, 109 GW..."
  • Figure 20 reference in the Energy production, imports, and exports section moved from the following sentence, to end of previous sentence:
    "From 2035 to 2040, energy exports account for about 23% of total annual U.S. energy production in the Reference case (Figure 20)."
  • The decline in net energy imports is projected to continue at a slower rate in the AEO2015 Reference case, with energy imports and exports coming into balance around 2028 (although liquid fuel imports continue, at a reduced level, throughout the Reference case) (Figure 20).
  • Vehicle prices in the Midsize passenger car figure are in 2013 dollars not 2012 dollars in the box in the Delivered energy consumption by sector section