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Coal News and Markets

Release date: March 23, 2015  |  Next release date: March 30, 2015

"Coal News and Markets Report" summarizes spot coal prices by coal commodity regions (i.e., Central Appalachia (CAPP), Northern Appalachia (NAPP), Illinois Basin (ILB), Powder River Basin (PRB), and Uinta Basin (UIB)) in the United States. The report includes data on average weekly coal commodity spot prices, total monthly coal production, regional monthly coal production, electric power sector coal stocks, and average cost of metallurgical coal at coke plants and export docks. The historical data for coal commodity spot market prices are proprietary and not available for public release.

Average weekly coal commodity spot prices
(dollars per short ton)
12,500 Btu,
1.2 SO2
13,000 Btu,
<3.0 SO2
Illinois Basin
11,800 Btu,
5.0 SO2
River Basin
8,800 Btu,
0.8 SO2
Uinta Basin
11,700 Btu,
0.8 SO2
20-Feb-15 $53.06 $61.15 $40.32 $11.55 $38.13
27-Feb-15 $53.06 $61.15 $40.32 $11.55 $38.13
6-Mar-15 $53.06 $61.15 $40.32 $11.55 $38.13
13-Mar-15 $53.06 $61.15 $40.32 $11.55 $38.13
20-Mar-15 $53.06 $61.15 $40.32 $11.55 $38.13
Source: With permission, SNL Energy
Note: Coal prices shown are for a relatively high-Btu coal selected in each region, for delivery in the "prompt quarter." The prompt quarter is the quarter following the current quarter. For example, from January through March, the 2nd quarter is the prompt quarter. Starting on April 1, July through September define the prompt quarter. In the column headings, the Btu value is per pound and the SO2 value is percent per pound. The historical data file of spot prices is proprietary and cannot be released by EIA; see SNL Energy.