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Domestic Uranium Production Report - Annual

With Data for 2012  |  Release Date: June 06, 2013  |  Next Release Date: May 2014
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Table 4. U.S. uranium mills by owner, location, capacity, and operating status at end of the year, 2008-2012
Mill Owner Mill Name County, State (existing and planned locations) Milling Capacity
(short tons of ore per day)
Operating Status at End of the Year
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Cotter Corporation Canon City Mill Fremont, Colorado 0 Standby Standby Standby Reclamation Demolished
Denison White Mesa LLC White Mesa Mill San Juan, Utah 2,000 Operating Operating Operating Operating Operating
Energy Fuels Resources Corporation Piñon Ridge Mill Montrose, Colorado 500 Developing Developing Developing Permitted And Licensed Partially Permitted And Licensed
Kennecott Uranium Company/Wyoming Coal Resource Company Sweetwater Uranium Project Sweetwater, Wyoming 3,000 Standby Standby Standby Standby Standby
Uranium One Americas, Inc. Shootaring Canyon Uranium Mill Garfield, Utah 750 Changing License To Operational Standby Standby Standby Standby
Total Milling Capacity:     6,250          
Notes: Milling capacity for 2012. An operating status of "Operating" indicates the mill was producing uranium concentrate at the end of the period.
Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration: Form EIA-851A, "Domestic Uranium Production Report" (2008-2012).