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What are the products and uses of petroleum?

Petroleum products include transportation fuels, fuel oils for heating and electricity generation, asphalt and road oil, and the feedstocks used to make chemicals, plastics, and synthetic materials found in nearly everything we use today. About 74% of the 6.89 billion barrels of petroleum that we used in 2013 were gasoline, heating oil/diesel fuel, and jet fuel.

Petroleum products and their relative share of total U.S. petroleum consumption in 2013:

  • Gasoline 46%
  • Heating Oil/Diesel Fuel 20%
  • Jet Fuel (Kerosene) 8%
  • Propane/Propylene 7%
  • NGL & LRG1 6%
  • Still Gas 4%
  • Petrochemical Feedstocks 2%
  • Petroleum Coke 2%
  • Residual/Heavy Fuel Oil 2%
  • Asphalt and Road Oil 2%
  • Lubricants 1%
  • Miscellaneous Products/Special Naphthas 0.4%
  • Other Liquids 1%
  • Aviation Gasoline 0.1%
  • Waxes 0.04%
  • Kerosene 0.02%

1 Natural Gas Liquids and Liquid Refinery Gases excluding Propane/Propylene.

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Last updated: May 27, 2014

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