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Advisory on the reporting error in the combined propane stocks for PADDs 4 and 5

Release Date: June 12, 2013

The U.S. Energy Information Administration issued the following advisory on the reporting error in the combined propane stocks for PADDs 4 and 5 that occurred in today's Weekly Petroleum Status Report.

After today's publication of the Weekly Petroleum Status Report (WPSR) for the week ending June 7, 2013, an error was discovered in the reported combined propane stocks in PADDs 4 and 5. The reported number of 2.114 million barrels, an increase of 951,000 barrels from last week, is incorrect.

This was due to an error in reported data that was not caught by our analysts before publication. Normal week-to-week increases for this region at this time of year would be in the range of 80,000 barrels to 200,000 barrels. At this time we do not have a restatement of the stock data for PADDs 4 and 5. If there is a revision, the updated numbers will be included in the next WPSR that will be released on June 19.

The WPSR revision policy states "EIA disseminates revised weekly data only if the revision is expected to substantively affect users understanding of U.S. petroleum prices. The decision to disseminate a revision to weekly data will be based on EIA's judgment of the revision's expected effect. If a revision is necessary, it will be disseminated in the next regularly scheduled release of the weekly products."

If you have further questions, please call EIA analyst James Beck at 202-586-3307,