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8. Future Directions

The Energy Information Administration presents this publication as a beginning attempt to obtain a consensus on the definition of energy efficiency and on the development of energy-intensity indicators that are precise, valid, reproducible, and as robust as possible for each economic sector, within the limits of data and resource availability.

Energy efficiency is a vital component of the Nation's energy strategy. One of the Department of Energy's mission objectives is to promote energy efficiency to help the Nation manage its energy resources. The ability to define and measure energy efficiency is essential to this objective. In the absence of defensible energy efficiency measures, any change in consumption might be equated with change in energy efficiency even if such fluctuations are caused by structural or behavioral effects.

The preceding chapters illustrate some of the obstacles to measuring energy efficiency on an economy-wide basis: lack of consistent data, difficulties in establishing demand indicators, and absence of clarity in identifying structural and behavioral influences on efficiency. However, this initial attempt to establish energy-efficiency measures for each economic sector can serve effectively as a "straw man," a way to stimulate discussion and draw in wide participation.

EIA is the logical agency to undertake this task. It has the expertise and the credibility to gather and analyze data, convene experts, and develop consensus. However, more work needs to be done by EIA and its customers. Feedback from our customers, by mail, telephone, fax, or e-mail is highly welcomed. Future in-house and bulletin board workshops are additional avenues for customer participation.(97)

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