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The Energy Efficiency Page reflects EIA's information on energy efficiency and related information. This site provides an in depth discussion of the concept of energy efficiency and how it is measured, measurement, summaries of formal user meetings on energy efficiency data and measurement, as well as analysis of greenhouse gas emissions as related to energy use and energy efficiency.

At the site you will find links to other sources of information, and via a listserv all interested analysts can share ideas, data, and ask for assistance on methodological problems associated with energy use, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas issues.


Hojjati, Behjat
Behjat Hojjati
Program Manager
Phone: (202) 586-1068
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Data Tables
Commercial Building Energy Intensities 1992-2003
Iron and Steel Manufacturing Energy Intensities:
1998-2002   1985-1994
Manufacturing Trend Data: 1998-2002 (NAICS)
1985-1998 (SIC)
Residential Energy Intensities 1978-2005

Conference Papers
Energy and Greenhouse Gas

Measuring Energy Efficiency In The United States'Economy: A Beginning

Special Topics
Energy Efficiency Definition
Energy Efficiency Measurement Issues
Efficiency and Carbon Emissions

Other Related Information
All Sectors Energy Savings
Kids Energy Savings
Energy-Efficiency Related: EIA Reports and Analyses
Energy Efficiency Organizations
Energy Related Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Appliance Standards and Labeling

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