Wholesale Electricity and Natural Gas Market Data

Selected wholesale electricity and natural gas pricing locationsThe market data provided on this page are republished, with permission, from data collected by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and updated biweekly. Currently, electricity products can be traded at more than two dozen hubs or delivery points in North America, and natural gas products can be traded at over 120 hubs. The data posted under EIA's agreement with ICE represent eight major electricity and corresponding natural gas trading hubs. Included are daily volumes, high and low prices, and weighted average prices. Natural gas historical data are available back to March 2014. The electricity historical data availability dates differ by hub, i.e. Mid Columbia, PJM West, SP15-1, Palo Verde, and NEPOOL (Mass) go back to 2001. Indiana goes back to 2006. SP15-2 (SP15 Gen DA LMP) and NP15 go back to 2009. For data on other time periods and/or hubs, and ICE's current methodology, please contact ICE.


Natural Gas

Selected hubs and wholesale daily spot price names

Region Electricity Hub Name ICE Electricity Product Name   Natural Gas Hub Name ICE Natural Gas Product Name
New England Mass Hub Nepool MH DA LMP Peak (from 2001)   Algonquin Algonquin Citygates
PJM PJM West PJM WH Real Time Peak (from 2001)   TETCO-M3 TETCO-M3
Midwest Indiana Hub Indiana Hub RT Peak (from 2006)   Chicago Citygates Chicago Citygates
Texas ERCOT North ERCOT North 345KV Peak (from 2014)   Henry Hub Henry
Northwest Mid-C Mid C Peak (from 2001)   Malin Malin
Northern California NP-15 NP15 EZ Gen DA LMP Peak (from 2009)   PG&E - Citygate PG&E - Citygate
Southwest Palo Verde Palo Verde Peak (from 2001)   Socal-Ehrenberg Socal-Ehrenberg
Southern California SP-15 SP15 EZ Gen DA LMP Peak (from 2008)
SP-15 Peak (2001 to 2009)
  Socal-Citygate Socal-Citygate


About the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

For prompt or "day ahead" markets in North American power, ICE is a major execution venue for over-the-counter (OTC) trading. These power indices are taken directly from transactions executed on the ICE platform representing approximately 70 percent of next day trading activity. ICE's OTC participants are some of the world's largest energy companies, financial institutions, and other active members in the global commodity markets. Participants include refiners, power stations, utilities, chemical and transportation companies, banks and hedge funds, as well as other energy and financial industry professionals.

About the ICE data

For the power indices, all qualifying physical firm power contracts traded on ICE from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM CST on the day of publication are included.

These data are published for each hub:

  • Price hub: Location as defined in the ICE Product Guide
  • Dates: Trade date and Delivery start and end dates
  • High price: the absolute high price for the period
  • Low price: the absolute low price for the period
  • Wtd avg price: index of weighted average price
  • Daily volume: total contracts traded for the period counting the sell side only
  • Number of trades: number of trades confirmed through ICE and eConfirm that were used in the index calculation
  • Number of counterparties: number of companies that participated in the index related transactions

Calculation of the weighted average prices (indices)

The power indices are developed using the following formula:

      I = Σ (P • V) / T

I = Volumetric Weighted Average Index Price,
P = price or premium of individual transaction,
V = volume of individual transaction,
∑(P • V) = sum of each transaction's price multiplied by its volume,
T = total volume of all qualifying transactions.

In addition to the price filters on the Intercontinental trading platform in accordance with their Fair Trading initiative, the following types of trades are considered "non-qualifying", and are not included in the 10x indices:

  • Trades done between two companies that are owned by the same parent company
  • Price basis spread legs, i.e. spread trades that are executed on a trading platform that subsequently are converted into two outright prices for trade reporting purposes
  • Deals that have been consummated but then cancelled or altered by the counterparties before confirmation
  • Trades where counterparties reverse a trade within two minutes of the previous transaction
  • Option Trades Deals that fall outside of the given time period for each index
Historical wholesale market data
Year Electricity Natural Gas
2015 xls xls
2014 xls (3/17 thru 12/31)
2001 thru 12/31/2013 zip --

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