State 2014 Annual Producton 2013 Annual Producton 2012 Annual Producton
Alabama 16,377 18,628 19,455
Alaska 1,502 1,632 2,052
Arizona 8,051 7,603 7,493
Arkansas 94 59 98
Colorado 24,007 24,236 28,566
Illinois 58,025 52,256 48,763
Indiana 39,267 39,102 36,720
Kansas 66 22 16
Kentucky 77,468 80,546 90,942
Louisiana 2,605 2,810 3,971
Maryland 1,978 1,925 2,283
Mississippi 3,737 3,575 2,953
Missouri 363 414 422
Montana 44,562 42,231 36,694
New Mexico 21,963 21,969 22,452
North Dakota 29,157 27,639 27,529
Ohio 22,258 25,125 26,340
Oklahoma 904 1,136 1,054
Pennsylvania 61,877 55,161 55,506
Tennessee 839 1,098 1,090
Texas 43,654 42,851 44,178
Utah 17,934 16,977 17,016
Virginia 15,507 17,049 18,976
West Virginia 112,187 112,876 120,449
Wyoming 395,665 387,924 401,442


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Weekly Coal Production

Data for week ended: November 14, 2015  |  Release date:  November 19, 2015  |  Next release date: November 30, 2015  

Note: As of January 8, 2015, EIA began using a new methodology for estimating weekly coal production. The change in methodology resulted in an overall improvement in precision and reduction in bias at the national and regional levels. This change also eliminated existing system issues and greatly reduced the amount of resources needed to produce the report each week. However, in some states, the level of precision declined as a result of the methodology change. Alternatively, in some states, the level of precision improved. The accompanying spreadsheet, "Comparison Model Performance vs Actual," contains a statistical comparison of the previous vs. new methodology with actual coal production for the past five years. Users are encouraged to review these results in order to make informed use of the state-level estimates. Please note: comparisons were done at the quarterly level, as this is the shortest interval for which actual coal production data exist; actual weekly or monthly coal production data are not available from any known source.
In response to customer feedback, EIA resumed publishing the weekly state level estimates beginning with the Weekly Coal Production report published February 12, 2015. EIA also provided weekly state level estimates covering the entire period since the change in methodology was implemented.

For the week ended November 14, 2015:
  • Estimated U.S. coal production totaled approximately 16.5 million short tons (mmst)
  • This production estimate is 0.3% higher than last week's estimate and 13.6% lower than the production estimate in the comparable week in 2014
  • East of the Mississippi River coal production totaled 6.5 mmst
  • West of the Mississippi River coal production totaled 10.0 mmst
  • U.S. year-to-date coal production totaled 792.1 mmst, 9.0% lower than the comparable year-to-date coal production in 2014

Annual coal production by state

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thousand short tons

Weekly coal production estimates by region and state
Current weekly estimates xls
Current estimates contain both current EIA original estimates (shaded) and revised estimates (not shaded). The revised estimates (not shaded) include the most recent MSHA data available as of the release date of the table. Most recent MSHA data available are for the second quarter of 2015.

Weekly coal production estimation methodology

Comparison Model Performance vs Actual

Revised and original estimates (weekly and monthly):
Historical data files

Revised estimate tables include the most recent MSHA data available, which are for the second quarter of 2015, and the tables contain only revised estimates.

Original estimate tables contain only EIA original estimates, unrevised.

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