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Anthony Radich 202-586-0504
Carbon Dioxide - U.S. History and Projections (STEO and AEO)
Perry Lindstrom 202-586-0934
Carbon Dioxide - International Projections (IEO)
Perry Lindstrom 202-586-0934
Electric Power Emissions
Jonathan DeVilbiss
Electric Power Sector Pollutant Emissions - Modeling and Projections
Thad Huetteman 202-586-7238
International Carbon Dioxide Emissions - Current Data
Karen Griffin 202-586-1537
Perry Lindstrom 202-586-0934
MTBE, Oxygenated Gasoline, and Reformulated Gasoline
Tancred Lidderdale 202-586-7321
Thermoelectric Cooling Water
Jonathan DeVilbiss
Tier 3 Gasoline and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
William Brown 202-586-8181
Voluntary Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (discontinued)
Paul McArdle 202-586-4445

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