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Detailed State Data form data (EIA-906, 920, and 923)                                         

Revisions & Corrections

Annual data revisions: May 20, 2014

    Annual data for 2008 through 2011 revised.

  • Revisions were made to the annual Retail Sales, Revenues, and Customer counts for the years 2008 through 2011. Revisions were made to update annual numbers based on revisions to EIA’s Survey Estimation and Data Processing System used to synchronize monthly (EIA-826) and annual (EIA-861) data collections and reconcile unbundled sales reported by energy-only providers and delivery-only providers.

Re-release date: December 19, 2013

    The two annual data files were re-released:

  • An update to the Annual State Level Historical Generation and Fuel Consumption spreadsheets has been made to include changes to 2011 and 2012 data.

Release date: November 12, 2013

Re-released date: December 10, 2013

The re-release of State Historical spreadsheets for the EIA-861 2012 data


  • Omitted data in 2 files Average Price and Revenues.

Re-released date: December 9, 2013

The re-release of the Survey form EIA-861 data.


  • Retail Sales was revised for the year 2012

Monthly data revisions: August 11, 2014

    Re-release of the 2014 data.

  • Nuclear net generation for May 2014 was revised upward from 62,116 gigawatthours (GWh) to 62,947 GWh. May 2014 coal net generation, meanwhile, was revised downward from 119,486 GWh to 119,483 GWh. On net, these revisions raised total net generation for May 2014 from 322,903 GWh to 323,731 GWh. These revisions produced minor changes in tables where Net Generation from Nuclear or Coal is included.

Monthly data revisions: July 09, 2014

    Re-release of the 2014 data.

  • The 2014 files were reposted to correct an error in the BTU content of a natural gas shipment to a plant in New York.

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