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Product Stock Type Area
Apr-20 May-20 Jun-20 Jul-20 Aug-20 Sep-20 View
Total Stocks
27,546 31,013 31,439 32,118 26,230 27,990 2005-2020
519 404 625 562 484 322 2008-2020
Bulk Terminal
20,340 21,616 22,840 22,119 18,273 19,157 2005-2020
6,687 8,993 7,974 9,437 7,473 8,511 2007-2020
- = No Data Reported;  -- = Not Applicable;  NA = Not Available;  W = Withheld to avoid disclosure of individual company data.
Notes: Crude oil stocks in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve include non-U.S. stocks held under foreign or commercial storage agreements. Bulk terminal stocks include stocks held by merchant producers. Stocks are reported as of the last day of the month. RBOB with Ether, RBOB with Alcohol, and Reformulated GTAB Motor Gasoline Blending Components are discontinued as of the January 2010 reporting period. Beginning with data for January 2005 total crude oil and petroleum products stocks do not include lease stocks. Renewable diesel fuel includes biodiesel and other renewable diesel.  See Definitions, Sources, and Notes link above for more information on this table.
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