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Natural Gas Gross Withdrawals and Production
(Volumes in Million Cubic Feet)
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Data Series Area
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Gross Withdrawals
2,723,563 3,048,056 2,959,887 3,081,754 2,957,017 3,107,540 1973-2018
From Gas Wells
NA NA NA NA NA NA 1991-2018
From Oil Wells
NA NA NA NA NA NA 1991-2018
From Shale Gas Wells
NA NA NA NA NA NA 2007-2018
From Coalbed Wells
NA NA NA NA NA NA 2002-2018
NA NA NA NA NA NA 1973-2018
Vented and Flared
NA NA NA NA NA NA 1973-2018
Nonhydrocarbon Gases Removed
NA NA NA NA NA NA 1973-2018
Marketed Production
2,384,581 2,672,927 2,597,880 2,713,435 2,642,766 2,782,895 1973-2018
NGPL Production, Gaseous Equivalent
162,560 187,532 184,179 192,055 187,394 196,878 1973-2018
Dry Production
2,222,022 2,485,395 2,413,701 2,521,380 2,455,373 2,586,017 1997-2018
- = No Data Reported;  -- = Not Applicable;  NA = Not Available;  W = Withheld to avoid disclosure of individual company data.
Notes: Beginning with 2006, "Other States" volumes for the production series include the following states/areas: Alabama, Arizona, Federal Offshore Pacific, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Virginia. Before 2017, Federal Offshore Pacific is included in California not "Other States". Production series data for 2018 forward are estimates. Final 2018 state-level production series data will not be available until the 2018 Natural Gas Annual is published (scheduled for the third quarter of 2019). Gross withdrawal volumes in Florida fluctuate from year to year because nonhydrocarbon gases are occasionally included in gross withdrawals.  See Definitions, Sources, and Notes link above for more information on this table.
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