Data Tools & Models

The following is a list of EIA's principle data series that span time.

Alternative Fuels

Alternative transportation fuels (atf) and alternative fueled vehicles (AFV)

Historical data on alternative fueled vehicles in use and alternate transportation fuel consumption. Data on the following items: 1) the number of alternative fueled vehicles (AFVs) supplied each year; i.e., new AFVs and conventionally fueled vehicles converted to operate on an alternate fuel; 2) for a limited set of fleet user groups, the number of AFVs in use and the amount of alternate transportation fuel consumed. The user groups surveyed are: Federal and State governments, alternate fuel providers, and transit companies.


Petroleum & Other Liquids

Time-series data for prices, crude reserves and production, refining and processing, imports/exports & movements, stocks, and consumption/sales.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas

Time-series data for prices, exploration & reserves, production, imports/exports & pipelines, storage, and consumption.


Electric Power Annual - state data

Time-series data for net generation, fossil fuel consumption for electricity generation, existing nameplate and net summer capacity, proposed nameplate capacity, electric power industry estimated emissions by state, average price, number of retail customers, retail sales, revenue from retail sales, financial data on publicly owned electric utilities with generation facilities, and financial data on publicly owned electric utilities without generation facilities.

Power plant operating data back to 1970

Contains data on electricity generation, fuel consumption, useful thermal output, fossil fuel stocks, fuel deliveries, quantity delivered, supplier, coal mine type, Btu, sulfur, and ash content, and receipts at the power plant and prime mover level. Includes operating data for combined heat and power plants..

Monthly fuel receipts and costs data prior to 2008

Data files include information on type of fuel purchase, fuel cost, fuel type, fuel origin, fuel quantity and fuel quality.

Monthly electric utility sales and revenue data, back to 1990

Utility level retail sales of electricity and associated revenue by end-use sector, State, and reporting month.

Annual electric generator report, back to 1990

Electric utility and non-utility generator-specific plant data, including in-service date, prime movers, generating capacity, energy sources, existing and proposed generators, county and state location, ownership, and FERC qualifying facility status.

Annual electric power industry database, back to 1990

Electric utility data file, including electricity sales, revenues, and customer counts, peak load, electric purchases, and demand-side management programs, green pricing and net metering programs, and distributed generation capacity.


Coal production data

Files iicludes mine information, annual production, union status, labor hours, and employment data.

State Energy Data System (SEDS)

Consumption estimates in comma-separated value (CSV) files. Data are by energy source, by sector, by state.



      Physical units, back to 1960


      British thermal units, back to 1960


      Consumption data file documentation


Price and expenditure estimates in comma-separated value (CSV) files. Data are by energy source, sector, and state.


      Prices, back to 1970


      Expenditures, back to 1970


      Adjusted consumption for expenditure calculations


      Prices and expenditures data file documentation


Production estimates spreadsheet (XLS) file. Data are by energy source and state.


      Production data file documentation


Data file codes and descriptions