Regions for Select Spot Prices

The following day-ahead natural gas and electricity prices, as reported by SNL Energy, are used to represent the following regions:

Region Gas Point Used Power Point Used
New England Algonquin Citygate Massachusetts Hub (ISONE)
New York City Transco Zone 6-NY NYC Zone J (NYISO)
Mid-Atlantic TETCO-M3 Western Hub (PJM)
Midwest Chicago Citygate Illinois Hub (MISO)
Louisiana Henry Hub Entergy (SNL index)
Houston Houston Ship Channel Houston Zone (SNL index)
Southwest El Paso San Juan Palo Verde (SNL index)
Southern California (CA) SoCal Border SP-15 (CAISO)
Northern California (CA) PG&E Citygate NP-15 (CAISO)
Northwest Northwest Sumas Mid-Columbia (SNL index)

Updated: 2/4/2013