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State Energy Data System (SEDS): 1960-2019

Correction Notice—October 29, 2021

We have corrected the following tables and data files after we discovered an error in the 2019 reported values of “Energy losses and co-products from the production of biodiesel and fuel ethanol” (SEDS MSN: BFLCB):

   -      Primary energy consumption (Table C3 and Tables CT2)
   -      Total end-use energy consumption (Table C4 and Tables CT3)
   -      Industrial sector energy consumption (Table C7 and Tables CT6)

Data Files
   -      All consumption estimates in Btu
   -      Adjusted consumption for expenditure calculations
   -      Consolidated data file
   -      All consumption estimates (for each state)

The error is confined to one data series for 2019. All other years and SEDS data series, including the consumption of biomass, renewable energy, and total energy, are not affected.