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Guam   Guam Profile

Territory Profile and Energy Estimates

Changes to the State Energy Data System (SEDS) Notice: In October 2023, we updated the way we calculate primary energy consumption of electricity generation from noncombustible renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal). Visit our Changes to 1960—2022 conversion factor for renewable energy page to learn more.

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Data in this section highlight only a small number of the many series available for this state. Use the "more" links on this page or the "Find" tool to access EIA's additional state-level data.

Population and Industry Guam United States Period
Population 0.2 million 328.2 million 2019  
Gross Domestic Product $ 6 billion $ 19,552 billion 2018  
Electricity Guam United States Period
Residential NA 16.68 cents/kWh Mar-24  
Commercial NA 12.76 cents/kWh Mar-24  
Industrial NA 7.73 cents/kWh Mar-24  
Reserves Guam United States Period
Crude Oil 0 billion barrels 44 billion barrels 2021  
Natural Gas 0 trillion cu ft 465 trillion cu ft 2020  
Recoverable Coal 0 million short tons 251,539 million short tons 2021  
Capacity Guam United States Period
Total Electricity Installed Capacity 1 million kW 1,201 million kW 2022  
Imports & Exports  
Total Imports Guam United States Period
Crude Oil Imports 0 thousand barrels/day 7,768 thousand barrels/day 2018  
Natural Gas Imports 0 billion cu ft 3,024 billion cu ft 2022  
Coal Imports 0 thousand short tons 6,313 thousand short tons 2022  
Total Exports Guam United States Period
Crude Oil Exports 0 thousand barrels/day 2,048 thousand barrels/day 2018  
Natural Gas Exports 0 billion cu ft 6,904 billion cu ft 2022  
Coal Exports 0 thousand short tons 85,956 thousand short tons 2022  
Production Guam United States Period
Total Energy * 99 trillion Btu 2022  
Crude Oil, NGPL, and Other Liquids 0 thousand barrels/day 17,936 thousand barrels/day 2020  
Natural Gas - Gross 0 billion cu ft 36,353 billion cu ft 2022  
Coal 0 thousand short tons 593,608 thousand short tons 2022  
Total Utility-Scale Net Electricity Generation Guam United States Period
Total Net Electricity Generation 2 billion kWh 4,292 billion kWh 2022  
Petroleum, Natural Gas, and Coal Net Electricity Generation 2 billion kWh 2,553 billion kWh 2022  
Total Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources * 973 billion kWh 2022  
    »  Hydroelectric 0 billion kWh 255 billion kWh 2022  
    »  Other Renewables * 718 billion kWh 2022  
by Source Guam United States Period
Total Energy * 95 trillion Btu 2022  
Total Petroleum Products 12 thousand barrels/day 20,010 thousand barrels/day 2022  
    »  Motor Gasoline 1 thousand barrels/day 8,810 thousand barrels/day 2022  
    »  Distillate Fuel 3 thousand barrels/day 4,026 thousand barrels/day 2022  
    »  Liquefied Petroleum Gases 0 thousand barrels/day 1,375 thousand barrels/day 2021  
    »  Jet Fuel 2 thousand barrels/day 1,560 thousand barrels/day 2022  
    »  Kerosene 0 thousand barrels/day 5 thousand barrels/day 2022  
    »  Residual Fuel 5 thousand barrels/day 329 thousand barrels/day 2022  
    »  Other Petroleum Products 0 thousand barrels/day 1,923 thousand barrels/day 2022  
Natural Gas 0 billion cu ft 32,288 billion cu ft 2022  
Coal 0 thousand short tons 515,555 thousand short tons 2022  
Carbon Dioxide Emissions  
by Source Guam United States Period
Total Fossil Fuels 2 million metric tons 4,941 million metric tons 2022  
Petroleum 2 million metric tons 2,260 million metric tons 2022  
Natural Gas 0 million metric tons 1,742 million metric tons 2022  
Coal 0 million metric tons 939 million metric tons 2022  

Notes & Sources

-- = No data reported.
*  = Value is less than half of the smallest unit of measure (e.g., for values with no decimals, the smallest unit is 1 then values less than 0.5 are shown as *.)
NA = Not available.
NM = Not meaningful due to large relative standard error or excessive percentage change.
W = Withheld to avoid disclosure of individual company data.
Note: Small differences between source data and values displayed here may be due to independent rounding.
Note: Components of "Utility-scale net electricity generation (share of total)" may not add to 100% because "Total utility-scale net electricity generation" includes net generation from petroleum coke, pumped storage hydroelectric, other gases, and other energy sources, which are not shown separately.
Note: Territory data may be estimates based on EIA's Short-Term Energy Outlook.