December 2000 Short-Term Energy Outlook


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December 2000 Short-Term Energy Outlook

WTI Crude Oil Price: Base Case and 95% Confidence Interval

OPEC Crude Oil Production 1999-2001

Total OECD Oil Stocks*

U.S. Crude Oil Inventory Outlook

U.S. Distillate Inventory Outlook

Distillate Stocks Are Important Part of East Coast Winter Supply

Last Winter’s Price Spike Limited to Northeast

Winter Residential Heating Oil Prices

Retail Heating Oil and Diesel Fuel Prices

U.S. Total Gasoline Inventory Outlook

Regional Retail Gasoline Prices

U.S. Propane Total Stocks

Average Weekly Propane Spot Prices

U.S. Natural Gas - Working Gas in Underground Storage

Natural Gas Prices:  Well Above Recent Average

Natural Gas Spot Price Outlook

Author: Mark J. Mazur, Acting Administrator

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