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Short-Term Energy Outlook

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Renewables and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

  • EIA projects that total solar electricity generation will increase from an estimated average of 209,000 MWh/d in 2017 to 240,000 MWh/d in 2018 and to 287,000 MWh/d in 2019.
  • After declining by 0.8% in 2017, energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are projected to increase by 1.8% in 2018 and by 0.4% in 2019. Energy-related CO2 emissions are sensitive to changes in weather, economic growth, and energy prices.
U.S. Renewables & CO2 Emissions Summary
aConventional hydroelectric power only. Hydroelectricity generated by pumped storage is not included in renewable energy.
bIncludes electricity and heat generation
cOther renewables includes biofuels production losses and co-products
dIncludes electric power sector use of geothermal energy and non-biomass waste
U.S. Renewables Consumption (quadrillion Btu)
Geothermal 0.2100.2110.2350.238
Hydropowera 2.4722.7862.5362.482
Solar 0.5700.7730.8821.043
Waste Biomass 0.5030.4850.4960.501
Wind 2.1132.3502.3952.598
Wood Biomass 1.9832.0111.9631.965
Electricity Subtotalb 7.8368.6028.4788.793
Biomass-based Diesel 0.2910.2900.3090.340
Ethanol 1.1821.1961.2151.225
Biofuels Subtotal 1.4731.4831.5171.564
Otherc 0.8010.8140.8170.818
Total 10.10910.90610.81311.176
Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Fuel (million metric tons)
Petroleum and Other Liquid Fuels 2,3272,3332,3642,381
Natural Gas 1,4951,4731,5361,571
Coal 1,3541,3261,3251,296
Total Energyd 5,1875,1435,2375,259

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